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Teams & Organisations

Are you a company or organisation which wants to invest in the development of your colleagues and/or teams?

Strawberry Fields offers answers to these questions:
  • Self-empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Teambuilding
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Wellness & Selfness

Start-ups & Freelancers

Are you in a transition phase and/or do you want to launch your own project?

Strawberry Fields can help you to:
  • Make a balance of you capacities.
  • Determine your USP (Unique Selling proposal).
  • Establish your personal brand.
  • Determine a communication strategy and develop its contents.
Parents & Enseignants

Parents & Teachers

Are you a teacher or parent looking for a new model or a handy method which supports you in this role?

Strawberry Fields can:
  • Recommend a reference model which facilitates interactions with students and children.
  • Teach you to control your energy and that of you students/children.
Etudiants & Adolescents

Students & Teenagers

Are you at school and do you want to have all the chances you need to build a successful future which fits you?

Strawberry Fields can:
  • Provide orientation in matters such as study or career choices.
  • Evaluate and develop your potential.
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Learn through activity (our offer “vacation camp”).

Couples & Families

Do you want to start a new partner relationship or give existing relationships a boost?

Strawberry Fields can help you to:
  • Better understand your way of functioning, that of your partner and of other family members.
  • Discover what is at the root of a blossoming relationship which is balanced.
  • Anticipate and cope better with conflicts.

Some themes


Being engaged, means that you are willing to put your heart and soul into your goals. Logically, your personal results and those of your team will benefit. It ensures that there is not only a lot more energy but a lot more fun in the workplace.

At present the new generations want to associate more and more wellbeing and efficiency at work. Salary is not the main element anymore. Issues like finding a sense, a purpose, the desire for autonomy, the possibility of self development are factors of work satisfaction that have become much more important.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.


Team building is useful when you want to be stronger as a team, want to look in the same direction, desire a better communication and especially want to get to know and understand each other better. A strong sense of motivation can increase the output of a team by more than 50 percent. But how do you turn a group of individuals into a close team?

The team buildings which Strawberry Fields offers are focused on the exploring and experiencing of the differences and potential of each other in order to achieve a certain goal. Whether we use different tools such as Five Talents, MBTI or Enneagram, the purpose is always to put the emphasis on the best each person can contribute to the well being of all.

Do you want to improve the team spirit within your team by showing a genuine understanding for each other? Are you looking for creative tools which provide fun and a lasting effect? Then you have come to the right address.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is the accompaniment that aims to facilitate decision making in a process of change. It may concern the acquisition of new skills, a preparation for a career change or a promotion. Whatever the issue, every route starts with a clear goal.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is the process where, by asking questions as “Who am I? What can I do? What do I want?” you get an insight into the different possibilities you have at this point in your career when you want to develop further. Through practical exercises it will become clear to you exactly what is important to you, which environment motivates you most and what your strengths and strongest motivations are.

Together we look for the place where you feel you fit in best. The point is to make room for that what brings the most energy, stimulates commitment and make you feel you’re moving forward and fully using all your talents, skills and experience.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.

Life Coaching

Would you like to take a new route in life but have you got concerns and questions about making this change? Perhaps you want to line up a number of possibilities in order to take a decision? Whether it’s about a dream or an objective, in every situation, at some point or another, you will find yourself in rough waters. This means that your life is in transition and that you have chosen to point the course of your life in the direction you want.

Life Coaching helps you discover what is most important to you. From your initial question and your preferences, we go to work with different approaches so that you, as captain of your vessel, can take the wheel and sail on with confidence.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.



Leadership is a crucial management skill, it concerns the way in which you motivate your team to reach a shared goal. Knowing what motivates you and being aware of your own talents as well of those of others is an extremely powerful tool. This makes it possible for you and your team to work to your full potential and give the entire team a boost in all areas, both in terms of performance and of energy.

It’s only once you have understood your role as guide, based on what motivates you and what your convictions are, that you can evolve from manager to leader. In the end, every team or group looks for somebody who can be trusted and works for a higher goal, for the individuals as well as the organisation. They are looking for somebody they will follow because they want to, not because they have to.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.


How often do you waste energy on something or somebody other than yourself, do you no longer hear your voice and have you lost any sense of connection with your inner self? Self-empowerment is the process of being more and more aware of who you actually are.

This self-awareness starts with the acknowledgment that you create your world from within yourself. It concerns the growing your consciousness, realising more and more how you and the world actually work. Having an insight in your deepest motivational factors, knowing what makes you tick is crucial for this. Strawberry Fields utilizes the positive Enneagram, MBTI and Five Talents within you to give you insight quickly and efficiently.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.

Collective intelligence

Many people agree that we are going to operate in different and news ways within organisations. There are a lot of voices who like to say that the new technologies will impact the way in which we communicate permanently as well as the way in which we will share our information. The human dimension in this however is not used to its fullest, neither in practice nor in implementation.

The information which team members have about each other usually stays limited. Unless you bring into the picture the full potential of every team member: his skills, natural talents, passions, values and strongest motivations.

This is the great advantage of Strawberry Fields: making everything clearly visible exactly what unique added value every individual can bring to the team. This would mean that when a new project team has to be composed, the roles and responsibilities can be determined with the greatest satisfaction of all parties involved.

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.

Wellness & Selfness

Wellbeing and looking after yourself is more than physical relaxation and stress management. We will have much more lasting impact when we share experiences and knowledge which will tell us more about our capabilities and give sense to our actions. The best is probably to combine the two!

With this in mind Strawberry Fields has developed a unique programme to get to the source of what brings us wellbeing and internal strength. Join us on Crete this summer to turn your holidays into an opportunity to develop and feel really great! Your stay will be a lasting experience

Discover the tools we have chosen for you.

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