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Because we often hear that participants would like to see each other again. Because participants tell us that they could often use some refreshment and support. Because participants enjoy sharing their experiences and learning from each other.
Everybody who has participated in training with us of followed a coaching course. And of course everybody who went, or is going to Strawberry Island and Strawberry Fields.
In function of what people feel they want and need to do, we offer different formulas where exchange and interaction are central. That can be an evening as well as an activity during the day, or even during the weekend. Always supplied with a large dose of creativity.


In the real world

  • Strawberry café focused around a certain topic.
  • Peer moment: Sharing experiences and learning in a team in a structured and carefully framed way.
  • Enneagram pannels: Based on questions all the Enneagram types come to light. The goal is to make you understand the fine nuances between the different types and thus make this rich Enneagram model even stronger.
  • Try out: Sometimes participants need a "dry run" of a new concept or they want to share their experiences only with a more trusted circle of people. We certainly don’t want to deny you these kinds of often unique and creative moments. For a small price, everybody can open up their hearts.


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  • This way you will stay in touch with all the activities which are happening at Strawberry Club and register for them.
  • Click on the link and tell us which activity interests you most.

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Strawberry regards, Benoit