Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

When 1+1=3

Collective intelligence refers to a set of tools and practices aimed at making the whole more than the sum of its parts:
  • It is the cross-fertilization of multiple intelligences in a group, where each one manifests the will to contribute and cooperate equitably in the service of the common good.
  • To accompany its emergence, facilitation postures and processes make it possible to open and maintain this space of "living together differently" where trust, authenticity, creative energy, interrelationships and interdependencies are cultivated.
  • Collective intelligence gives substance to sustainable projects that combine relational innovation and sustainable results.

Facilitation processes in CI focus on addressing the following issues:
  • How can we build a new one that we could not have imagined alone?
  • How can we benefit from the contribution of each individual's talents in achieving the group's objectives?
  • How to define roles and choose the right people to take on these roles within a project team?


A decision is all the more solid & sustainable when it engenders the commitment of the people involved in its implementation.

  • Inclusion vs. Conflict: when everyone feels they are needed to reach the destination, they are naturally inclined to contribute in the best possible way. Intrinsic motivation finds its source in this fundamental human need: to be part of a collective body!
  • Cooperation vs. Inefficiency: when roles are clearly defined and everyone knows how far to go in his or her sphere of autonomy, everyone puts all his or her heart into improving his or her work for the benefit of the whole. Commitment becomes natural when benevolence supports the processes!
  • Dynamism vs. Immobility: when everyone is motivated by the pleasure and meaning they give to their work, a flourishing movement animates individuals and teams. Objectives are shared by all, energies flow, and dynamism becomes the reality of everyday life!

What participants have said

“Individually we are very limited to our own ideas, beliefs and points of view but put together with the ideas and points of view of others, each with his own talents, competencies and values, and guided by a process to bring these all together to achieve a common purpose, we can collectively achieve a much greater potential and energize each other to create a living, loving and harmonious cell to bring about collective transformation. This is what collective intelligence is all about.”
- Antony Visconti

“What coherence, what strength, when at the end of an election process without a candidate, the people chosen by the group feel the legitimacy that everyone recognizes. What a great way to support each other in the sharing of roles and tasks!”