Let's go to Strawberry Island

Feeling empowered and being fully aware of who you actually are

The itinerary we offer at Strawberry Fields leads to the discovery of new and exciting places, and will help you come out stronger than before with more of an insight into yourself and others. When you feel more empowered, you will have more energy, get clearer answers to your questions, obtain better results, achieve a sense of worth and satisfaction and a feeling of progress and self-development that makes you want to go even further in your development.

When do we feel most empowered?

  • When you feel that you can use your inborn talents on a day to day basis at work. Basically: if you can do exactly what you are good at.
  • When you are motivated and carried by your deepest motives.
  • When you can do something which actually matters to you and isn’t only focused on “profit”.

How to feel empowered?

It is a fascinating process which can start with training, coaching, facilitation or a combination of these elements. A process which can surpass the idea of "self-empowerment” and can lead to new ways of cooperation.
Inspiring leaders know and use the right tools and how to accompany this process. This leads to impressive results and also has an effect in the long run. If we can harness and develop our internal capabilities we have to take every element into account:

Where you start and how far you take it depends on yourself or your team.
Let's talk about it