The positive Enneagram

Positive Enneagram
The Enneagram is a dynamic personality model which is about nine different and unique ways to adapt to life. It is a powerful tool to discover how we function and to make links with our mental, emotional and instinctive reactions. Through this you will become more aware of who you are and why you do what you do.

If you combine the insights of the Enneagram with self observation, you have a powerful compass to know exactly how much closer you are getting to discovering you own internal capabilities. The Enneagram is a complex yet accessible model which helps to truly understand what is behind your thoughts and feelings.

Since 1970 this ancient model has been in constant development and has been tweaked and refined by psychologists and has, meanwhile, been recognized by big and small organisations alike in different countries world-wide. The model is revolutionary in terms of self-development, leadership development, emotional intelligence as well as communicational skills.


The Enneagram helps you and you organization by stimulating the self-development of leaders, managers and colleagues.

  • What are the strengths and the challenges of the nine personalities? What are their motives? What are their steps of growth?
  • How can I adapt my communication skills and cope better with conflicts?
  • How can I function optimally within my team and create an efficient and strong team?
  • How can these new insights help me to change my role from manager to coach and focus on the incredible capacities of others?

What participants have said

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“The Enneagram helps me to be more balanced, become the person I want to be at home as well as at work. It gave me fantastic insight into how I actually function in this world”
- Hans Vancauteren

““This approach brought many things to light, things of which I had no knowledge, matters of which I was very much aware and finally things that were hidden so deep I thought I would never have access to them. The discovery of this model and what it taught me about myself has profoundly positive effect on me. At times it was so deep and true that I had me going from laughter to tears”
- Marie-Nadia Vincent

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