The terms we use often have a different meaning in our colloquial language, that is why we gladly provide you with our definition.

Competence or skill

The capacity to draw from both external and internal sources to solve a certain issue. Competencies are generally acquired over a period of time.

Intrinsic motivation

That which determines and motivates our way of acting together with a certain energy. According to the theory of the Enneagram we must link this energy to the way in which we have adapted ourselves since our childhood.

Human potential

A collection of abilities and motivational factors. Having potential for something also includes: skills, talents, values and passions.


An activity which gives us joy in life and makes us enjoy life, makes our eyes twinkle when talking about it and makes us feel like we are walking on clouds when doing it.


Almost top-achievement in a certain situation; the sum of different ingredients: (inborn) talents, (acquired) competencies, (acquired) knowledge.


A stable way of thinking, doing or feeling which leads to positive results. More likely to be inborn, talents are linked to the way certain connections have developed in our brain during our early childhood and the phase of adaptation to our surroundings. If we have a brain, we also have talents... they are just different from one person to another!


Big and slightly abstract concept which is tremendously important to us, driving our actions and choices we make each day. If there is a value of ours which is not respected, we cannot function the way in which we would like to (often get confused with needs, which are not the same).

Feeling fully empowered

Different complementary experiences linked with the application of our strengths: when we can use them we feel very efficient; before we start, we wait impatiently until the time has come en while we are using our strengths we are very curious about everything and focused. Afterwards we feel satisfied and we feel aligned with ourselves.