Happy at work?

Strawberry Fields
Looking for your best place to work? For your place in the Strwaberry Fields?

Strawberry Fields?

Yes! The Strawberry Fields symbolize your full potential, partly still untouched. Time to discover how you can fly on full power and enjoy going to work!

How do I get there?

Personal, tailormade coaching based on a well-founded and scientific approach answering two essential questions:
  • What drives me? What do I wake up for? What makes my heart beat faster?
  • What am I good at? How can I reach my goals using all my potential?

In practice

How much does this cost? With the VDAB career coaching cheque you only pay 10€ per hour of coaching. You can get up to 8 hours of coaching.

  • Step 1: Contact us for a free talk at +32 485 22 31 70
    or hello(at)strawberryfields.be
  • Step 2: Order your career coaching cheque on www.vdab.be/loopbaanbegeleiding or call
    0800 30 700 (free of charge)

What are the conditions?

  • You live in Flanders or in the region of Brussels.
  • You have been working for at least 1 year (as freelance or employee).
  • You had no career coaching in the past 6 years.

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"In this coaching I discovered what is driving me, my talents, my most important values. Everything together brought me to a new professional project. I'm now more confident about myself and about my skills. I'm much more connected with who I am, I listen to myself, observe myself and receive a lot of positive reactions from my environment."
- Olivia

"I was in a very stressful situation at work. I thought I was handling things well but then I started to doubt myself. At some point I really got stuck. The word work made me cry. I was wondering how career coaching could help me. I had an immediate click when I met my coach: discovering myself and my talents was very appealing to me. Meanwhile I'm back on track. I feel better equipped to deal with things. It has helped me to be more conscious of my options in everyday life, I'm now much more aware that the choice is up to me."
- Anja