Strawberry time
It's Strawberry time!

Strawberry Fields is the place where you feel empowered; where you know what you stand for, where you can harness your skills to the best of your capacity and can develop a deeper sense of knowledge about yourself and your functioning: Strawberry Fields symbolizes the unbelievably powerful internal capacities with which you can achieve your goals and find the best possible place for you. But how do you get there?

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When boarding this vessel, this is what you are going to focus on: to help you achieve a true sense of empowerment. This is extremely enriching, especially if you are sailing in dangerous waters and want to make progress. This basic philosophy, paired with a strong knowledge of your own capacities and those of others, lies at the foundation of all our training courses and workshops.

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Travelling solely in the desired direction is not always plain sailing. If you take a sailor on board, he could hold the compass while you steer the ship! If you want an individual approach, custom made for your personal needs, then this is the vessel you should board. By doing this you can find answers from your own capabilities and competences , and feel which way the wind is blowing.

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When sailing as a team, several rules are required. Is there a process or project which you want to support, give structure to or tackle as a team to achieve a certain goal? Then board the facilitation ship to your destination.
Our Solution Focus approach delivers results efficiently and speedily, and provides you and your team with a huge energy boost.

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Destination Strawberry Island!

Strawberry Island

Focus on Strengths