Insightful MBTI

Insightful MBTI

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

MBTI is a system which classifies the differences in people’s personalities. It is widely used in many organizations. The model was developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers based on theories developed by Carl Gustav Jung (Psychological Types, 1921).

MBTI assesses the preferences of a person in four dimensions each with two poles or four pairs of opposites. When filling in the questionnaire, you’ll express your preferences on the ways in which you reload your batteries, take in information, make decisions and organize your activities. By doing this you can distinguish 16 types which are all equally valid. MBTI does not judge any type.


In the first place, MBTI is an instrument to discover yourself. MBTI offers a constructive approach of individual differences, improves self-awareness and self-development.

That is why MBTI is a much used and fun method used in teambuilding to describe the different personalities within a team.

  • Based on this the team can make agreements about the methods of cooperation.
  • A team or group gets an insight into its strengths, knows how they can be complementary and what to look out for as a team.
  • Aside from this, it is a strong tool for any team leader. To effectively give direction, it is important to understand the personal style of co-workers and take it into account. Everybody has their own preferences and sensibilities. This is decisive in how somebody gives and receives instructions.

What participants have said

“For me personally it was nice to follow MBTI as a team, we had two fun days where we got to know each other better in a playful fashion. And also to realise that everybody is different and that you can adapt to these differences. I think that now we will have fewer conflicts within our team because we now have a framework in which we can place certain situations. It is easily accessible and concrete which I find important.”
- Katrien De Nuyter

“I have been using MBTI for a while now, not only at work but also with my wife and children. It is just such a simple tool which everybody should get to know in order to cope better with all the practical things in life and in order to organize yourself better.”
- Jef Blaes

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