Who are we?

Iris Heijlen

More than 15 years’ experience in Human Resources.
Professional languages: NL, FR, EN, DE.
  • Certified Coach (ICF, PCC).
  • HR Consultant/Trainer (Recruitment, Career Coaching, Performance, Competency, Change Management).
  • Certified Enneagram (HPEI), Certified MBTI, Master NLP.
  • Psychotherapist Solution Focus (Korzybski Instituut).
  • Translator-Interpreter (University of Antwerp).

Benoit de Bellefroid

More than 25 years’ experience in Communications.
Professional languages: FR, EN.
  • Personal Branding Strategist (Certified REACH CC).
  • Interactive Communication Consultant/Trainer (Social media, Copywriting, Web & Video Production).
  • Certified Enneagram (HPEI), Certified Corporate Meditation (CEL).
  • Master in Communication (ULB).

Together Strong


Energetic, enthusiastic individual who really goes for it! Iris likes action, knows what she wants and loves to bring her ideas and plans to practice as soon as possible. Her enthusiasm is often contagious; she loves challenges and enjoys to take things forward in a positive way.


  • Learner - Gets energy and motivation from learning and loves being a catalyst for changes which create personal “learning- milestones”.
  • Strategic - Knows that nothing happens without a reason, every signal, word and intonation has a meaning. Trusts her intuition, takes on board views of others whilst never losing track of her goal.
  • Activator - Feels that only action can get things started and lead to results. Receives energy and stays alert while taking the next step. Grows through learning from first hand experiences.
  • Achiever - Can keep going for a long time, pushed by an inner flame. Every day starts from zero for her, because everything in front of her is infinitely more interesting than that which is behind her.
  • Command - As soon as the objective has been set, she feels unsettled until everybody is on the same wavelength; she wants things to be clear and dares everybody to be clear and honest.



With more than 15 years HR- experience, Iris is a coach and trainer who makes use of powerful tools from different areas.

Iris knew from an early age exactly what she wanted: to get to the bottom of people, see what drives them and motivates them and from that understand the world and society as a whole. Nothing on earth could be more fantastic and intriguing! Which field of action could she have dreamt of to achieve this more than that of the HR – world? In her 15 years in this particular world, she embraced most areas of the HR-domain (roles such as HR Specialist, Generalist, Manager and Team leader) in order to experience and discover everything first hand. Working in Selection and Recruitment, Training and Development and Business Partnership gave her a broad view on corporate life, its goals and possibilities to learn in daily interactions with team members, peers, managers and directors. And to see what works and what doesn’t.

She has learnt a lot in exciting projects in the field of Organisational Change, Competence Management, Performance Management, Cultural Change and Career Coaching (BELGACOM, PROXIMUS). Throughout, she continues to study (HR – management, Master NLP, Solution Focused Management and Brief Psychotherapy, MBTO, Coaching met NLP, Enneagram) with one goal: explore which new tools and methods can be put to use to help people achieve their goals and turn that process into and exciting adventure.

In 2009 she starts her own training and coaching company (GREEN MOUNTAIN), works with heart and soul as a freelance Trainer, Coach and HR-consultant in different companies and in her practice at home and is often a silent witness to the fantastic changes clients operate. She is also the mother of three small, equally energetic and enthusiastic children who, day after day, demonstrate the infinite potential which is present in each and every one of us. As long as there is enough light, water and warmth.



Benoit is an individual who is initially the “thinking type”. He is more objective than subjective, focused on the mental side rather than the emotional, drawn more towards analyzing before going into action. He has a strong desire to understand things and to make them understandable for others.


  • Connectedness - Pays attention to the needs of others and is a tolerant person. Being convinced of the similarities between all people, connecting people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Being sensitive for things which are not immediately visible, encouraging others by showing them that our life has meaning.
  • Input - Being curious and collecting (Information, words, facts, books, quotes...). Expresses interest in a diverse collection of things, finding the world interesting because of its diversity and endless complexity.
  • Learner - Enjoys learning. Being stimulated by the learning process itself, to become competent from a state of ignorance. Wanting to put in effort in order to put into practice which he has learnt.
  • Ideation - Being fascinated by ideas and concepts. Finding it to be fantastic to find a simple concept from a sea of complexities which makes it possible to explain the “whys”. Finding pleasure in turning the world upside down and show it in a new, often revealing, light.
  • Intellection - Enjoying the process of thought, putting the brain to work. Also having moments to dream calmly, think and reflect and look inside.



Communication professional since 1987 and web pioneer since 1997, Benoit has also been an explorer of human potential for the past quarter century.

Successively a consultant in public relations (BABEL PR), marketing manager and trainer in the world of educational publishing (ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA), manager of sales and publications forces in the interactive communication market (PUBLICIS, 24/7 MEDIA, ADVERTSTREAM, EMAKINA), Benoit has regularly been involved in professional projects where implementing new solutions is critical.

At the same time, he has developed a parallel experience of research and teaching in the area of personal development (THEATER, MEDITATION, ENNEAGRAM).

Now he has decided to focus his energy and skills on helping individuals to develop their talents and capabilities in order to connect what they do with who they are. In 2009, certified Personal Branding Strategist by the PB American leader (REACH CC), he launched the Personal Branding concept in Belgium, along with the process that characterizes it. A proud father of three children, he feels closely involved with the new generation which attempts to find its way.

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