Personal Branding

Personal Branding
Personal Branding is useful if you want to display your talents to develop an activity which is coherent with who you are. Whether you are an employee, consultant, manager, independent entrepreneur or an artist, the principles remain the same.

There are three steps:
  • Extract: discover the jewel in you, the unpolished diamond.
  • Express: polishing this diamond, making it sparkle in the eyes of those looking at it.
  • Exude: ensuring that this diamond is worn every day.

Developing your own brand means that you apply on yourself all the principles which make a brand strong, rich and recognizable.


This means:

  • Daring to be authentic.
  • Capitalizing on your strengths.
  • Being more efficient and more confident.

By highlighting your best aspects, you give yourself the best chance to get work which gives you the most satisfaction. You can really be yourself and develop your own personal “touch”.

Different starting points are possible:

  • Making choices in your personal and professional life.
  • Launching your own project with the best possible visibility.
  • Evolve in your organisation through the potential you have.

What participants have said

"Personal branding is a very efficient approach if you want to find the correct terms to name your talents. I used it when I wanted to change jobs, because it was essential that I could make clear to everybody in the hiring process exactly what I was worth."
- Antoine Bouvy

"I have noticed that if somebody in my team knows how to profile himself on the internet, his external contacts seem to know him more and use his services more often. Because of this we have more clients."
- Frédéric Mercier

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