Strawberry Fields, the metaphor

Strawberry Fields

  • Strawberry Fields symbolize the immense potential each and every one of us has, which is ever-present, but of which we are not always aware.
  • Strawberry Fields symbolize the unbelievably powerful internal capacities with which you can achieve your goals and find the best possible place for you.

Draw from the source

  • If you are connected with Strawberry Fields , then you draw from the source of all your energy, from everything which drives you from within.
  • Test and see for yourself: it’s fantastic to feel empowered!

Which Strawberry Fields?

When talking about “development of your potential”, what does that mean? According to the psychologists of today, the human potential consists of two elements:

When, in the professional world, one talks about “aptitudes”, one tends to think of skills. Experience teaches us that there are other essential elements which play a role when talking about “aptitudes”.

  • Talents (present from birth)
  • Values (influence our actions and choices every day)
  • Passions (make your eyes twinkle and give you joy)

When we ask people what really motivates them, it often appears to be a Black Box. It is after all our intrinsic motivations which lay at the base of all that bring us in motion!

Whether it is for you or for your team, the trip we offer to Strawberry Island will let you discover how to feel fully empowered. And believe us, it changes your life!