Five Talents

Five Talents

From talents to strengths

Recent studies from the Positive Psychology show that one of the most important factors in making you feel good about yourself is making use of the qualities you have. What do we actually know about our inborn talents and qualities? In our Western society there was so far not much interest in answering this question.

According to the original work of the Strengths Movement in the US, a talent is “a stable way of thinking, doing or feeling which gives positive results”, more inborn than developed. It concerns our brain which made connections in our childhood which we used to adapt to the world around us.

We have talents which distinguish us from others. With our approach you will firstly identify these talents and actually make them your own. Also you will find support in a great internal richness within yourself to further develop these talents into real strengths.


In first instance for you personally:

  • You feel even more dynamic and efficient.
  • You have more confidence in yourself as well as confidence in your own capacities and those of others.
  • You improve team spirit when you realize the potential of every member of your team.

As teamleader:

  • You learn to develop your own leadership qualities whilst relying on your own talents.
  • You give yourself the best chances to become a team leader who inspires and stimulates the talents of your team by knowing exactly how to answer their needs.

What participants have said


“Once I understood that I can simply be myself and that others appreciate what I do well, I got a huge boost”
- Colin Godavril

“It changed my view on leadership completely: the more interest I show in the strengths of my colleagues, the more motivated they become.”
- François des Essarts

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