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Five Talents

What am I naturally good at? What are my talents; the actions, the attitudes which come easily to me? With what
do I achieve good results?

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Positive Enneagram

How can I fully understand and get the most out of my personality?
What really motivates me and the others?

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Collective Intelligence

How can we benefit from the contribution of each individual's talents in achieving the group's objectives?

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Personal Branding

How can I be coherent with who I am and what I do, and how can I make this clear to the world around me in an authentic manner?

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Transversal Approach

Solution Focus

Solution-Focus is a powerful and practical way to stimulate positive changes in people, teams and organizations.

You could compare it to learning a new language. Installing a constructive professional language and working atmosphere changes the life and dynamics in the work space.

This solution focused method inspires us both in our professional and personal lives and we use this method where and whenever we can.

Custom Solution


Whether its training, coaching or facilitation, we listen to your story and from that information set out a track which we take great care in laying out for you.

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