Understanding and applying the Enneagram for your own development

Workshop 1

Enneagram as key for self knowledge, knowledge of the other and growth. Starting point for understanding the model.

First Step

- How well balanced are the three energy centers? (Thinking, Feeling, Action)
- What are the nine types and their qualities? What is my type?
- Which strategy did I use so far to adapt myself to the world around me?
- Which first development steps can I take?

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Workshop 2

Diving deeper into the model using the "subtypes" with the same objective: using the model as key for understanding one self, knowledge about the other and growth.

Step Two

- In which context do I recharge my batteries?
- How balanced are my three subtypes?
- How does this impact the orgnanization of my life?
- Which elements have an influence on all small daily decisions I take?

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Workshop 3

The nine types in relationships. The Enneagram as communication tool with others: understanding the other types, dealing with differences and conflicts within a better way.

Step Three

- How to start a conversation using the model and how to avoid typical misunderstandings?
- What do I appreciate and what is frightening me?
- How to deal with conflicts?

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Workshop 4

Beyond your type. Enneagram as a key for transformation: get out of the box in which you were born!

Step Four

- How do I learn to drop old habits and get rid of useless patterns?`
- How to untie all small parts of my personality and explore their full potential?
- How to activate my deepest resources and to develop my intuition?
- How can I learn as much as possible out of interactions with others and their characteristics?

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The Enneagram

Advantages for everyone

The Enneagram is easy to apply in daily life and opens up possibilities for deep transformation. It helps clarifying misunderstandings about ourselves, and developing our full potential, understanding others and appreciating everyone's unique side.

The Ennegram is a personality model that tells us more about the reasons why we behave the way we do, then the behavior as such. Within an organisation this will:

  • Increase the Team Spirit
  • Stimulate Emotional Intelligence
  • Make the collaboration and communication between people more efficient
  • Stimulate excellence within your company

Different Objectives


At the end of each Enneagram workshop:

  • you understand your self and the others better
  • you can more easily adapt to persons and circumstances
  • you can better express your inner drives
  • you can use your own talents and the talents of your team members within a different and more effective way